Are you ready for Atlanta Carnival 2023 with Scion Carnival DeLรนxe ?

"Make sure you join the free Facebook group for the carnival crash courses and the webinars! They even give away costumes!"

Join Our International Carnival Community

You are never alone or board when you join our international group of masqueraders!

The Ultimate Carnival Experience

Join us on the road with WKT Mas

Carnival Workouts

Every Sunday we host Scion Sundays with Robert Thompson at Gym for group workouts!

We Support Local Cayman Nonprofits Together

We have partnered with St. Baldrick’s and The Pursuit of Excellence Foundation to support local youth cancer and educational programs

Our Community Partners.

The Pursuit of Excellence Foundation

Pursuit of Excellence โ€” The Lloyd Barker Foundation

St. Baldrick's Foundation

The St. Baldrickโ€™s Foundation is a volunteer and donor powered charity committed to supporting the most promising research to find cures for childhood cancers and give survivors long and healthy lives.

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I love this community, I have learned so much and met some really outstanding people in the free Facebook group! Everyone was welcoming and cool. I really appreciated the crash course and cheat sheet too. I was definitely ready for deh road!

Jose D.
Carnival Newbie

Iโ€™ve done carnival a few times by myself but

i had the most fun with this group! by the time we got to the parade we I had hundred new friends. I really felt welcomed and had a blast! This also a nreally diverse group with all kinds of carnival experience levels. It was awesome!


Michelle A.


Nobody goes on the road alone! Make sure you bring your friends! in fact, we’ll give you a little reward for spreading the love!

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